Another postcard from Jae!

Wow...a second postcard from our dear Jae, with a howling wolf as the cover, which is the best gift especially before Halloween!!! I will try my best to howl and enjoy later.

Millions thanks and again, I feel so loved.


More chances for postcards

I have a busy schedule in coming July to August...chances are there for you to have a postcard from Seoul, Korea, Tokyo as well as Osaka, Japan and my favourite Taipei, Taiwan. For Seoul and Tokyo, I promise to keep my promise of sending out postcards, yet I am going with my colleagues as well as my whole family, I may not have much free time. Yet for Osaka as well as Taipei, I am going on my own, promise can be kept. Please leave me PM and sorry for weird format, LJ is not kind on me this time. BTW, If you want one from HK, PM me anytime you like.

Anyone want a postcard from Taipei, Taiwan?

I will visit Taipei, Taiwan next week. And this time I have decided to give postcards to all who want it, as well as showing gratitude for friends who always mail out postcards.

The deadline of leaving your details (better through message) is 4 August, 2015. In your message, please write down your name, address as well as preference for postcards...such as nature, city, activity or anything you can think of a postcard, I promise I will try my best to find the suitable ones and mail them out.

Be quick, I know the notice is short, if there is another one, I promise I will make it better.

Pray for Hong Kong, please.

Dear all Lj-users and friends,

Please support us, we Hong Kong people are demanding true democracy, with our chief executive being nominated and elected by normal citizen, but not nominated by a 1200 small committee with low citizen representativeness, then elected by us.

Yes, we lack basic thing like nomination right, but this is the fact, and this can be our fate.

I understand after posting this, I may receive penalty and be banned from Lj forever, but please, support us, in any means you can think of.

As our dear police use tear gas and pepper spray in front of weaponess citizen, if you count umbrella and plastic wrap as weapons.

Please, support us.

An ordinary Hong Kong person

Annoying spam posts

Please allow me to rant here.

Being a moderator is really uneasy, and I hate that all I do is giving warnings, banning people, deleting accounts and posts.

All because of spam...asking people to buy nike shoes, to buy some expensive bags or jewels or to go over some websites.

First I tried giving warnings. By quoting their spam, and by giving sufficient warnings, your account will be banned.

Yet the situation worsens instead of getting better, I have no choice but to delete spam ip address account and posts.

All I want is a quiet environment for people to discuss fandom and to ask for help, and my active moderator role really tells people I do take the job seriously.

How can they be selfish and use computer software to mass register and post?

Ah...any help here? I want to know how to ban those people from certain ip address to access the forum...

I am really desparate.

'It's Nothing'

I must confess: I am lazy this year, for the DTH fest, I just read one story, this is so unlike me...usually I will keep reading until all the R and NC17 stories and finally the PG are gone.

I must confess: I start using facebook around 6 months or more ago. At first, I just use it to chat with my pupil, telling them schedule and asking them to finish the news sharing. As time goes by, I keep reading more and more others fb, e.g. Hong Kong memes...Now I spend around 1 hour on fb each day. Though I also keep reading news (in twitter or in news republic)...

Finally as rl is harsh, I spend more time on comics, just a little bit more.

And I find out I don't like this change, my imagination fades with it.

I haven't played any games on my smartphone, as I know I will become addicted easily, yet I will use my smartphone to read twits or fb messages...this act brings back one memory.

All these new development...bring 'Nothing' to our lives.

In the book of Neverending Story (my all time favourite), Bastian helps fight 'Nothing', helping Moon Child to rebuild the once huge realm of neverending imagination and fantasies...with the invention of TV and TV games, reading is a past habit.

I believe the same thing is happening with the emergency of computer games and smartphone. This is not a good advancement. To me, creativity comes from curiosity and imagination, reading and learning different things is the source, and the technology somehow kills it rather than helps spreading it.

'It's Nothing'

Thoughts for doom of the days 21/12

I understand I am late for this.

Actually I would like to confess: I am the one who has made preparation in case that really happened...though I just bought some canned food, a pack of rice, some instant noodles and instant cup noodles etc...and ordered 3x4.5 litres of distilled water (I have one distill water machine at home - just used up so I needed to place the order anyway)

This act made me realize that I am a pessimistic person: I like to think for the worse. I even made a list of 'what to buy' in case war or severe hazard or epidemic happened...Hong Kong is safe from those, so my friends ask me why I made such a fuss.

I think: the most horrible thing is we don't know how long does the disaster last and when will we die. We have a toddler and parents to look after. Even we can survive on minimum supply for a long time - how about them? In case those really do happen: can we buy forumla and medicine and food easily around? Wouldn't others do the same?

I understand I shouldn't panic or spread panic, yet I cannot dissipate this uneasy feeling.

So I am really happy that nothing happened and life goes on!

Wishing you a brand new and happy and brightful start of 2013.

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For all those anonymous reviewer

Though I haven't posted much, yet I CONSTANTLY READ and WATCH my journal, please don't use my account as your ADVERTISEMENT base, I will DELETE them as soon as I found out.

I know it is a hard time, even esp. after Sandy, yet please respect other's right and peace.

If I ever find one such review in my journal again, I definitely will report you to the admin.

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